Days 26, 27, and 28: yolk is the new pit

Why eat your egg with avocado when you could eat it IN avocado?!  My friend Kyle saw that I have egg + avocado for breakfast all the time and recommend I mix it up a little:
Unfortuntely getting flipped was a little too much for mr. eggvocado:
ImageThis afternoon was BEAUTIFUL and I went to a barbeque on a friend’s rooftop.  Barbeques are actually pretty whole30able–I had a burger without the bun with guacamole and garlic aioli (my contribution to the event!) plus grilled asparagus and fruit (my other contribution).
Here’s the garlic aioli being blended:


day 26
  • larabar
  • scrambled eggs with vegetables
  • broccoli and carrots
  • fish and shrimp thing at the work cafeteria
  • salad with crab
day 27
  • larabar
  • siced almonds with coconut butter
post-crossfit lunch
  • pork and apple cabbage omelet with braised greens
  • bunch of things at a small plates restaurant!  apart from possible “hidden ingredients” (aaaah so scary!) these new american cuisine places are actually pretty doable on the whole30 🙂
day 28
  • egg in avocado
  • burger with guacamole and garlic aioli
  • fruit (kiwi, apple, grapes, pineapple)
  • grilled asparagus
 dinner (wasn’t that hungry)
  • fried egg
  • sliced almonds with coconut butter

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