Day 9: It’s frittatas all the day long

Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Be unique and be yourself.

Yesterday I made 12 mini frittatas, and today I discovered that having them around means I don’t really have to worry about making food the whole day!


  • frittatas
  • blueberries with almonds and coconut butter (which is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast ever!)

The first time I made blueberries with almonds and coconut butter I didn’t have any coconut butter so I used coconut oil instead, figuring the two couldn’t be that different…

left: coconut oil; right: coconut butter. they look pretty similar, right?

but when you put them in the microwave for 15 seconds…



  • frittatas
  • lettuce/spinach salad


  • frittatas

post-crossfit + dinner