Day 29: we are all born superstars

Tonight’s dinner was grilled chicken with pesto!  The piece of chicken I was trying to pound today was thicker than last time, so my hammer wasn’t working too well.  I solved this problem by putting a thin plastic cutting board on top of the chicken and pounding on that to distribute the force (thank you physics!).
The basil, walnuts and olive oil for the pesto looked gorgeous!  I was thinking of submitting the photo below to Dove for their Real Beauty Campaign.  (stunning organic basil and walnuts and olive oil…that fits the bill, right?)  Then I realized I was about to stick them through the food processor to make them the way I wanted them to be.  This kind of goes against the whole “you’re beautiful the way you are and don’t need to change” mantra the Real Beauty campaign promotes.
I also made blasted broccoli but forgot to set a timer…turns out it still tastes fine even when it’s a little overdone!
I had a ton of leftover pesto, which means two things:  (1) scrambled eggs with pesto for breakfast tomorrow!  and (2) I had an opportunity to use my awesome mini saran wrap from Japan!  (thanks mom!!)
day 29
  • fried egg and avocado
  • macadamia nuts and walnuts
  • salad with grilled salmon
  • chicken with pesto
  • blasted broccoli