Day 25: dumpling dissection and signs of spring

Spring is upon us!  Cherry blossoms are in bloom!  The air is fresh with the scents of flowers and freshly cut grass!  And here in Whole30 land, there is yet another sign of the changing season and nicer weather. When I took my coconut oil out of the cupboard this evening, I found that it was slightly melted: a true sign that my apartment had become warmer than usual during the day.  


a change in state

Earlier today, we had a team lunch at a dumpling place.  To make the dumplings more whole30-esque (they probably still had soy in them somewhere..) I just ate the fillings, not the wrapper things.  Chopsticks became my forceps for this dumpling dissection, and the whole process reminded me a little too much of fetal pigs from high school biology class.  

  • banana
  • macadamia nuts
  • two larabars :/


  • salad
  • insides of dumplings


  • sliced almonds and coconut butter
  • strawberry banana coconut milk smoothie


  • sweet potato hash with a fried egg