Day 11: the paleo snack showdown

the amazing, protein-rich primal pac crushes the poor larabar!

Every since I started paleo-ing a few months ago I’ve been a huge fan of Larabars.  The Blueberry Muffin ones became my breakfast, Cashew Cookie became my main meals, and Coconut Cream Pie became my dessert.  I’ve found that as awesome as they are, they don’t make the greatest snack food because they contain a ton of sugar (by my new definition of “a ton”–as much as 20 grams?!).  Today after crossfit, I decided to pick up one of the Primal Pacs my gym sells in its mini snack bar area.  

This is pretty much the GREATEST THING EVER.

it contains:

  • beef jerky (grassfed, of course!)
  • dried mango
  • macadamia nuts
  • almonds
  • cranberries

and best of all, the small Primal Pacs about the same mass as a larabar (so we can compare their nutrition facts) and contains ONLY 10 GRAMS OF SUGAR and an amazing 24 GRAMS OF PROTEIN!  

Today was also the first time I’ve ever had beef jerky (my first encounter with it was on the school bus in fifth grade.  other kids had it for bus snack, and the strange, inedible-looking preserved meat just never seemed appetizing enough to inspire me trade with them for some of the chocolate chip granola bars I’d have as snack).  It was pretty good!  I wouldn’t eat it in front of a vegetarian though…somehow the texture and toughness of beef jerky seems to really accentuate the fact that you’re biting off a piece of an animal.


  • blueberries and almonds with coconut butter!


  • two larabars


  • lettuce and spinach salad with cauliflower and cucumbers
  • lamb burger


  • PRIMAL PAC right after crossfit!
  • larabar (I took it out of my pantry to look at the nutrition facts, and then couldn’t help but eat it)
  • brussels sprouts with garlic and olive oil cooked at 375 degrees for 20 minutes
  • blueberries and almonds with coconut butter 😀