Days 21, 22, and 23: I’ll have the avocado swiss burger but without the swiss…and the fries…and the bun…

Since my family’s in town I’ve been going out to eat a lot, and I’ve had a lot of fun ordering items off the menu without half the stuff on top and with the plainest salad possible on the side instead whatever interesting, usually-potato-based side the thing usually comes with.  I always feel bad making so many requests at restaurants because it’s more work for the waiter and the kitchen and it’s like I’m not appreciating their culinary efforts.

This is not a problem at sushi places, though 🙂



day 21

  • buffalo burger and salad
  • grilled endive with “bacon” and softish boiled egg
  • sausage and cabbage thing
day 22
  • blueberries with sliced almonds and coconut butter
  •  sweet potato hash and fried egg
  •  chicken cobb salad
  •  apple
  • larabar
  • more blueberry stuff
day 23
  • strawberry banana coconut milk smoothie
  • salad and meat from taco station at the cafeteria at work
  • sweet potato fries
  • seared ahi

Day 12: lead us not into temptation

I’ve been pretty good at the whole not getting tempted by carbs and sugar thing, probably because this isn’t my first experience with paleo.  yesterday, though, I had my first encounter with food I really really really wanted to eat and had to resist because it wasn’t whole30 approved.  the object of my desire was…

Image …this.  a half-eaten leftover cookie someone had put out in my office (probably left over from a lunch meeting or something).  it doesn’t even look appetizing!  and someone had already broken off most of it!  what is wrong with me!


  • blueberries and sliced almonds with coconut butter

    my spoons enjoy the camaraderie of getting to be in the dishwasher all at once–I’ve been eating that blueberry-almond-coconut butter stuff so often that I go through all my spoons really quickly :/

mid-morning (I need to get better at eating more for breakfast so I don’t get hungry at 9:30 am…)

  • two larabars
  • mixed nuts


  • grilled salmon salad


  • went with chip to a sushi place for happy hour and ate a ton of sashimi, including the BEST SALMON SASHIMI I’VE EVER HAD   😀


  • strawberries and blueberries with sliced almonds and coconut butter
  • “hard boiled” egg baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes (thank you pinterest for the suggestion)

    when I loaded up this egg in the muffin pan he thought he was about to ride on splash mountain. he was pretty disappointed to find out he was just going in the oven.