Days 17, 18, 19, and 20: and the beat goes on


sweet potato hash

this is one giant post spanning four days!  the most exciting thing is sweet potato hash, the newest addition to my breakfast (or lunch or dinner) repertoire.  I made it with chris back on day 6.  although that time it was still really good, this time I used actual sweet potato (which I think has a little more flavor than the japanese version when cooked in this way. i also cuisinarted the sweet potato to hash it up, which was a lot more efficient than cutting it up!  one regular-sized sweet potato makes a lot of hash…


sweet potatoes, subject to the cuisinart hashing function

day 17
  • one egg with avocado
  • blueberries with sliced almonds and coconut butter
  • larabar! and macadamia nuts
  • lamb burger and salad
pre- and post-crossfit/dinner
  • larabar
  • paleo pac
  • a couple strawberries with sliced almonds and coconut butter
day 18
  • banana egg pancakes
  • larabar
  • chicken with cashews at a restaurant
  • larabar (pre-dinner i guess)
  • blueberries and almonds with coconut butter (also pre-dinner)
  • steak salad at a restaurant
day 19
  • blueberries with sliced almonds and coconut butter
  • sweet potato hash with fried eggs
  • broccoli fried in olive oil
  • more sweet potato hash with fried eggs
day 20
  • more sweet potato hash!
family’s in town now! 😀  so there will be a lot of eating out…
lunch (at a restaurant!)
  • sausage/hamburgery thing with grilled onions and peppers and a side salad
dinner (at another restaurant!)
  • root vegetables and fruit
  • not-so-sloppy joe, because I got it without the bun