Days 31+: sugar is sweet, but not sweet as you

This is how I felt the morning of my first day post-whole30:
One day, Simba, all of this will be yours
I could eat anything I wanted.  Cupcakes, rice milk lattes, normal milk lattes, chocolate bars, pasta, burritos, blueberry pie.

And as much as I was excited to stop by the neighborhood cupcake place for a celebratory breakfast on my way to work, I felt weird for eating anything that was radically against the whole30.

It was kind of like breaking up with a guy after realizing things couldn’t really work out long-term, but despite this you still really respect him and are grateful for the perspectives on life you gained from the relationship.

Some things I’ve learned –

Jumping in – When you’re looking to try out something new (develop a new habit–whether it’s a diet like this, or reading more, or running, or anything), it’s a good idea to aim to do it every day for a fixed number of days rather than just decide you’re going to start doing it.  If you’re hesitant about making the change, you’ll be more likely to jump into it and actually do it each day knowing that you’re just doing it as a trial.  At the end of your set period of time, you can re-evaluate whether and to what degree you want to make this a part of your lifestyle.

This blog – Keeping a blog was great because it encouraged me to try out new recipes so I’d have different things to write about and photograph!  (I didn’t want to have to post a picture of fried eggs and broccoli every single day.)

Eating when you’re not hungry – One of the negative things about carbs is that you’re more likely to eat them when you’re not hungry.  I found that I was still susceptible to eating when I wasn’t hungry during the whole30–the things I would eat were Larabars and fruit (the highest-sugar foods I could have!).  On days 29 and 30 I cut fruit out of my diet completely, and found that I needed a lot less food overall.

Positivity – If you’re going to do the whole30, don’t think about all the stuff you can’t eat. Instead seek out interesting recipes that look good (don’t force yourself to eat steamed asparagus if you don’t like asparagus!) and focus on the awesome food that you can eat.  🙂